Rolling Shutter

ROLLING SHUTTERS is usually defined as a vertically revolving barrier at the entrance to a building or room, traditionally made of metal that rolled upward during its opening position and downwards during closure.

Further, as these are made of steel sheets, they are strong, long lasting and safe. There is good demand for rolling shutters, as an item of common use in construction of shops, warehouses, workshop sheds, garage and it is suitable for interior designs for corporate offices and bungalows etc.

We manufacture extensive range of rolling shutter for commercial & residential application including rolling shutter for shopping mall, bank, shop front, showroom, hospital, industrial area, warehouse etc. Our shutter is customs manufacture to meet your requirement.

Motorised Rolling Shutter

The most popular and widely used amongst all the categories of doors is the motorized rolling shutter. The symbolic feature of our motorized rolling shutters is its robust structure obtained due to the use of high strength metals in the making of slate and guide profile. This feature acts as a shield and protection against burglary, vandalism & storms.

Due to in-house designing and manufacturing these motorized rolling shutters are simple and robust. The products are featured with a door curtain that winds up very tightly and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

M.S & G.I Rolling Shutter

Universal Fabricators provides range of rolling shutter door is ideal for Industrial and Commercial use where security is a primary concern. They are very versatile and come with Slat material options-in mild and galvanized steel which prevent the shutters from rusting and helps to provide them a long life.

Motorized rolling shutters are self sufficient and can be operated by a single push button. Our shutters are in-build with high performance drives and intelligent controls.

The production processes are conducted in accordance with the industry standards and norms to cater to the needs of the customers. Available in various sizes and specifications, these products are widely demanded in the market.

Stainless Steel Rolling Shutter

If you are looking for maximum security, strength combined with stylish and good looks Universal Fabricators range of stainless steel roller shutters are a perfect solution. These shutters are designed to provide security and maintain high level of hygienic environment.

Universal Fabricators stainless steel rolling shutters are constructed from high grade stainless steel material, mostly made considering the standards specifically meant for food, pharma, hotels, hospitals and chemical industry.

Double Wall Rolling Shutter

Universal Fabricators insulated rolling shutter present an ideal solution where the environment of your building needs to be consistent & at the same time it should enhance the look to any modern architecture.

Our Insulated rolling shutter are custom designed to suite your specification as the shutter strips are individually insulated with PUF and provide an improved insulation value to that stipulated by standard building regulations.

Our Insulated rolling shutters are also particularly suitable for wide door openings which have to withstand harsh weather conditions.As an additional feature galvanized steel slats, guide and bottom Rail prevents the rolling shutters from rusting and help to provide a long life to these shutters.

Grill/Perforated Rolling Shutter

Balancing the demands of security and display can be a real challenge; Universal Fabricators bring you the right solution- grill rolling shutters and perforated rolling shutters.

Our grill rolling shutters and perforated rolling shutters are an economical method of providing a secure closure to large or small openings. Effective for shops, commercial places, power generator rooms and transformer rooms our grill rolling shutters and perforated rolling shutters are corrosion resistant and sturdy in nature.

Gear Operated Rolling Shutter

Gear Operated Rolling Shutter is a perfect choice for applications in industrial settings. The operation of these shutters is based on gear systems. Offered shutters are lightweight and offer longer service life.

Our Gear Type Rolling Shutters maintain a high level of security in the premises. These are economical solution and require minimum maintenance.

We offer Gear Operated Shutters which come in precision engineered structure. These are available in various metal options including mild steel, cast iron and others so as to suit diverse requirements of our esteemed clients.

. These shutters are specially designed to offer smooth working conditions and are hence suitable for use in areas like shop, warehouse, mall etc.

Manual Rolling Shutter

As per the growing requirement of the patrons, we offer impeccable range of manual rolling shutters. Our shutters are user friendly and require low maintenance during operation.

These manual gear type shutters not only provides great levels of security but will also restrict the amount of heat being lost from within a building. We supply these shutters in varied choice of colors to achieve an unobtrusive look.

Most roll down shutters are custom fit to be used on a specific opening.Moreover, they are multi-tasking shutters that perform a lot of different jobs, not just one.